SHIFT Training Manifesto

‘SHIFT’ – The best hour of YOUR day!

We aim to deliver a fitness experience which is simply the “best hour of our members day” 

‘Movement’ – The better the movement the better the result.

We emphasise quality over quantity, especially when it comes to a member’s technique when performing movements and exercises.

‘Strength’ – Is the capacity to withstand any force.

Without being strong, or having strength, members will struggle to cope with any force placed against them.

‘Fitness’ – Is the key to unlocking an engine.

Without fitness, or being fit, members will struggle to get through a session, that feeling of being unfit and not being able to keep up is something we try to work on. We must build an engine. 

‘Profound Simplicity’ – Is the ultimate training method.

The simpler the tasks the better the execution. The best programme is the one you can execute. 

‘Long term approach’ – There’s no finish line with health so enjoy the process.

We focus on the bigger picture and the bigger issues instead of quick fixes, because there is no short cut with our health. 

‘I am robust’ – I am physically versatile.

Building physical robustness and mental resilience prepares anyone for any challenge, at any time.

‘Regress’ – In order to progress.

Most of our members, physically and mentally, need to take 1 step back in order to take 2 steps forward with their physical health and mental well-being.

‘Autonomy’ – Own YOUR session.

We place a huge emphasis on the client owning and controlling their session, from the weights they use to the rate they train at, we’re simply trying to guide them in the correct direction. So, they develop that skill for themselves over time. 

‘Anything is possible’ – With periodised training.

When periodising a members training, giving structure to develop essentially, we’re opening them up to take on any challenge.


My 4 Physical Pillars. 

I have tried lots of training modalities over the years. After a long testing period I have built my physical health around the 4 following


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