Join Bedford’s premium personal training gym dedicated to helping people find fun, enjoyment and progress with their health & fitness.

Everything you need in one place

A professional coaching environment with a supportive community and a reverse-engineered space help you get the results you deserve. 

We believe that by helping our clients make subtle changes to to their daily habits and actions can cause a huge SHIFT in their health & Fitness. 

We are a Small Group Personal Training facility specialising in helping our community MOVE better, Become STRONGER and DEVELOP their fitness in a welcoming and fun environment.


Our space is designed to be all inclusive and welcomes all abilities from beginner to the more advanced trainee. Our process is led by a team of dedicated expert coaches who are passionate about delivering the very best training, service and support.

An all inclusive community.

We pride ourselves on providing an all inclusive service for people of all abilities. Our goal is to help as many people as possible take ownership & develop a passion for their own health & fitness.

Small Group Personal Training 

Receive the personal attention of 1-2-1 coaching in a shared team environment. Training as part of a small group is a dynamic and fun experience that also allows high quality, personalised coaching.

The gym floor is a great leveller and a place to work alongside like-minded individuals in a fun and progressive environment.

Our coaches are highly experienced, and our sessions are structured to ensure you always receive the personal attention you need.

Team Conditioning classes

Frequency (how often we are active / train) is a key component to helping our clients achieve results. Our Team “Conditioning Classes” provide an additional source of session options for our members.

The focus is based on building aerobic & anaerobic fitness to increase our members overall work capacity (the ability to perform work in the gym). Each sessions is 30-40 mins of hard work with a strategic approach to intensity & movement.

OVER 90+ sessions a week right at your fingertips!

With access to the SHIFT Mobile App for both Apple and Android devices, it couldn’t be simpler to book your SHIFT sessions. With the ability to manage, move and cancel sessions if you need to, you’ve got full control of your training.

We believe that by helping our clients make subtle changes to to their daily habits and actions can cause a huge SHIFT in their health & Fitness. 

At SHIFT we provide ourselves on providing long term support to all our members. We understand that we all have different challenges to overcome and we provide a support network to help you maange your own progress. 

COMMUNITY is at our heart. We provide a platform that enables our clients to work alongside likeminded and driven individuals in a fun and progressive environment design to enhance your life social connections.  Join our tribe!

Everything we offer is coach lead by one of our highly qualified staff. We ensure you received the best possible coaching by keeping our staff fully trained and updated with the latest advancements in programming and coaching.

Train when you want to!

We provide a comprehensive and flexible training timetable with over 80 available sessions per week. Simply book the time that suits you via our booking app and you’re good to go!