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  • Do I have time to commit?
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  • Can I afford this?
  • Will I succeed?
  • What about my injuries?
  • Will people judge me?
  • Will this be a waste of money?
  • Will it be worth it?


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Nutrition Coaching

Have you ever heard the expression “abs are made in the kitchen?” Well, its true! Work with our nutrition coach to get faster results.

Personal Training

Customised training based on your goals and a coach that keeps you accountable.

success stories

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"Shift is a fantastic place to train. The small groups sessions enable you to have the 1:1 coaching and support to progress and have the confidence in your training."

“The programmes are well structured and offer a wide variety from strength training to Move sessions which are more cardio based. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and supportive.”

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"Great environment to train in. The team and other members have helped me make permanent life changes for better health. SHIFT is my happy place."
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"Fantastic facility for focused and structured instructional training. It has been a revelation and I could not recommend SHIFT highly enough."


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