The Team



Having been a professional Rugby player for 13 years, Owner and Head Coach of SHIFT TRAINING CLUB, Sacha understands what it takes to perform at the highest level mentally and physically.

A firm believer in constant progression, Sacha continued his studies into personal training and nutritional coaching and his passion is now to help the busy people of Bedford improve their health by coaching them to move better, get stronger and develop their fitness in a fun, enjoyable and rewarding environment amongst a great community of other like-minded individuals.


Being a family man and business owner himself, he resonates with so many who have hectic schedules and is keen to prove that looking after your health can be achieved with ease around work, family and social commitments. Sacha has worked actively over the past 6 years to build a reputation as a dedicated, innovative and outstanding coach that has delivered and continues to deliver life-changing results to his clients.



A fountain of knowledge, Corey attended the University of Bedfordshire where he studied a Bachelor in Science (BSc Hons) 'Health, Nutrition & Exercise.' When our clients need dietary help, he's their man and is always on hand to give the best, honest advice and dispel many common myths!

Corey likes to live a healthy, well balanced, active lifestyle. When not at work he loves travelling as much as possible, cooking, shooting clays or fishing! It is at the tender age of 17 that he met Sacha when they were both playing professional Rugby for the Bedford Blues… forward 13 years and they are the main men of SHIFT armed with a loyal, long-standing client base who continue to achieve amazing results.


Corey’s coaching style is……nurturing and educational! Corey treats everyone as the individual they are so whether they are to new to training or someone that has more experience but may have the odd niggle or injury, he will always work with clients to ensure they are performing movements at their best, feeling confident whilst doing so and understanding why or how each exercise will benefit them in day to day life.



Kimberley has been Head of Communications at SHIFT since 2018 and has gone from strength to strength in this role ensuring all our members and new triallists are happy and always thriving!

With a background in Sales and Service, Kimberley is a hit with our members and goes above and beyond to ensure their experience with us is enjoyable and rewarding. Currently studying to qualify as a nutritionist Kimberley hosts our Fat Loss Accelerator Programme three times a year alongside Head Coach Corey and uses her past experiences and struggles to help others achieve success whilst feeling extremely supported and valued.


In her spare time she runs around after her 2 little girls, regularly has her head under a bonnet, loves listening to music, attending concerts and is regularly seen working up a sweat alongside our members in the Small Group PT sessions!! She understands all too well that training in a new environment, with new people can be intimidating or worrying for some and is passionate about providing a welcome and nurturing environment at all times.



Ash’s love of training started around 12 years ago and sees the gym as her second home! Ash loves how empowering it feels when you see progress with your health, fitness and strength and became a PT so she could share her passion for helping others and help them feel the same way.

She has firsthand experience of not feeling her best both physically and mentally and uses her own journey to help guide others and teach them to enjoy the process.


Ash’s love of coaching and people is clear to see when she runs her sessions. Her positive energy means that she is always approachable and her thorough demonstrations result in all of our members feeling confident, safe and determined to give their best in every session.


Built on a foundation of personal training and expert coaching, SHIFT offers a friendly and inclusive experience that’s all about you, your goals and results. Community is at our heart.