Personal Training

121 Personal training is designed for individuals that have a very specific need or goal? Maybe you are recovering from an injury, maybe you are working around a disability? If so, 121 PT is for you.


Our coaches will get to know you on a personal level and work closely with you to move you closer to where you want to be week by week. It’s not needed by 95% of people, but if you feel you want that level of personal attention, look no further. 

Small Group Personal Training (PERFORM)

Our small group personal training sessions (Perform) are run all throughout the day. Here you will the learn the technical skill of weight training in a coach lead environment.


We have designed a regression and progression system to ensure whatever your ability we are able to create the perfect session for you and your goals. Small group sessions are the future of personal training.

fitness classes (move)

Running side by side with our Perform sessions is MOVE. Here you will increase your training frequency and work specifically on your cardiovascular fitness levels.


We have a range of session designed for complete beginners all the way up to the experienced gym-goer. Expect big energy, lots of calories, and great music in these high-tempo sessions.

Nutritional coaching & reviews

You can’t out-train a bad diet. Here at SHIFT, we work closely to educate our members on the key principles that need to be addressed when looking to manage your weight. We have designed the SHIFT 6 pillars of success to help our clients understand what needs to change and how to do it.


We also offer every member a monthly review to track and monitor progress via our in-body machine and work closely with them to understand their struggles and find a solution that works.

OVER 90+ sessions a week right at your fingertips!

With access to the SHIFT Mobile App for both Apple and Android devices, it couldn’t be simpler to book your SHIFT sessions. With the ability to manage, move and cancel sessions if you need to, you’ve got full control of your training.